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"Young Women Politicians" is an independent national movement that is currently becoming a new association, whose goal is to promote women to politics as elected officials. The movement was founded by Nitzan Senior in 2015 and operates in two main ways. Running courses for female students on campuses across the country and cultivating a community of female graduates of the various programs, with the aim of strengthening the choice of a public career.

Since 2015, we have been operating under various associations (the National Student Union, student associations on campuses) but this year we decided to set out on an independent path that will allow us to operate more conveniently outside the campuses as well. We aim to reach youth centers, community centers, the formal and informal education system and wherever there are women who want to integrate into the political arena. We want to open the door for them.

Our campus programs include 11 evening sessions, which are run by two student volunteers. There are about 15-25 participants in each group, female students from various departments – all of whom have in common the desire to get involved in Israeli politics and make Israel more equal and better.

The meetings deal with imparting basic knowledge about politics, gender and politics, representation of women, combating violence against women, integration of women in the security system, budgets, diverse populations in Israel, debate, persuasion and standing in front of an audience as well as tours to the Knesset and the local municipality. So far, 568 female students from universities and colleges such as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, Ben Gurion University, Haifa University, the College of management, Sapir College, Tel Hai College and even an online course (we conducted during the Corona virus) have completed our programs.

Young Women Politicians promote female leadership in general and young female leadership in particular, as well as gender awareness and engagement with gender inequality in politics, which directly affects our lives. We believe that when women do not take a significant part in making decisions about their lives, as happens in quite a few authorities in Israel and also in the government, the quality of life of women in Israel is harmed. We are here to be a home for every woman in Israel who believes in gender equality and believes in the right of women to be policymakers, leaders and trailblazers. We managed to create an amazing and hopeful community that allows our graduates to dream big. For themselves and for the State of Israel. We are here to give female participants and graduates everything necessary to survive the political journey, and to remain loyal to themselves, their values, a democratic concept and the advancement of women in Israel.

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